Lewis Hamilton: “This Track is The Best in The World”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, together with Valtteri Bottas, completed a 1-2 finish for Mercedes earlier this month at the Japanese Grand Prix. The Brit looked to be extremely pleased with himself as he increased the gap at the top between him and Sebastian Vettel. Lewis Hamilton, in his press conference, said that he thinks that this is the best Grand prix and also went on to say that the track here was unique.

Lewis Hamilton

I loved it”, said Lewis Hamilton. “I was actually very, very happy. I think the whole weekend’s been very strong from the team, it’s a great 1-2 from Mercedes, it a true showing of the great strength in depth we have as a team.”

“This track is the best track in the world”, Lewis Hamilton continued.  “I don’t know why they don’t make tracks like this anymore but every second of the run it was just great fun. I was able to look after my tires the way I wanted and just managed the pace”.

Hamilton said that his desire to win is still the same as when he had started, and that he still has still got a lot to prove. “I have been racing a long, long time, but the happiness I have inside is as high as always. It’s a great feeling. It feels like one of the first races “, said Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton

He also spoke about the upcoming race at the The United States Grand Prix in Austin. “Honestly, I’ll take it one step at a time. Each week you have a positive weekend and you go to another grand prix and you’re not sure how you’re going to fare and how you’re going to perform, because there are still gaps in between”, said Lewis Hamilton. “Austin is usually a good track for us, so I can’t wait to unleash this beast there”.



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