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Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix

Hamilton has concern that Mercedes may become complacent and lose to rivals

The Chinese Grand Prix proved to be a very exciting event this year, as Lewis Hamilton managed to clinch the title making this his first win of the season. For those who had been betting on Sebastian Vettel to race into first, they were stuck settling for second place. What made the race all the more exciting was the fact that Hamilton was able to lead from the very start of the race until he won at the end. Not only that, he also recorded the fastest lap. Clearly Hamilton was on a mission.

Hamilton Celebrates His Third Grand Slam

This win marks Hamilton’s third Grand Slam of his entire F1 racing career and marked his fifth win in 10 years at this track. This is obviously a track that favours Hamilton’s style of racing. Of course, the Mercedes driver from Britain was quick to thank his entire racing team.

The race was no walk in the park either, as the track was wet making the driving conditions all the more tricky. It made for extremely difficult conditions, let alone the stress and pressure going into the day. Hamilton’s, and Mercedes’, main competitor is Ferrari’s Vettel. Each team has one win under their belt for the season, so it should prove to be a very exciting one as they get ready to go head-to-head in the next race. Speaking of the next race, the two teams will square off against each other in Bahrain next.

Hamilton’s Team-Mate Didn’t Fare So Well

Hamilton wasn’t the only one on the track representing Mercedes, as ValtteriBottas was also racing. Unfortunately Bottas didn’t have such a great day, and it appears the track conditions may have been a bit too much for him. Bottas’ car spun while he was following the safety car, which ended up costing him in time. After the spin, he found himself in 12th place, but did manage to climb back up to sixth by the end of the race.

When speaking after the race,Bottas admitted the spin was definitely an “amateur mistake” and vowed to make up for it in the next race. Bottas is the replacement for Nico Rosberg on the Mercedes team.

Bottas wasn’t the only one who suffered bad luck in the race, Antonio Giovinazzi who races for Sauber crashed his car, while Jolyon Palmer finished way back in 13th place. Meanwhile Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso, both McLaren drivers, were unable to finish the race. Vandoorne suffered from fuel problems with his car while Alonso had problems with the vehicle’s driveshaft. Clearly this was a huge disappointment for McLaren.

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