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Lewis Hamilton Worried that F1 is in the Wrong Direction

Lewis Hamilton Worried that F1 is in the Wrong Direction

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F1 opted to reduce the power unit usage from four to three for 2018 in a bid to save costs. Along with that, the MGU-K, control electronics and energy store components are restricted to just two elements.

The engine regulations has been a favourite subject of discussions for a new set of rules to be introduced for 2021. Hamilton raised concerns over engine limits towards the end of last season, fearing that the decision is hurting the spectacle.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

“The sport is going in the wrong direction in my opinion. I have so many different opinions about it,” Hamilton said. “They need to fricking change these bleeding engines to save costs and then they spend more to produce it.”

The defending world champion was beset by engine issues in the early stages of the Canadian Grand Prix. In fact, he admitted that he was relieved to finish fifth. He was worried that the problem might force him into retirement.
Fortunately, Hamilton isn’t the only one besieged by the engine limit worries. A number of drivers including Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo already bracing themselves for power unit-related grid penalties after encountering reliability woes in the first seven races.
“I hope they don’t go to two engines next year because it’s just going to get ridiculous. It was definitely a bit more fun when you had more engines I would say,” he added.
“The fact that a season could sway through reliability, I don’t think anyone wants to see that. I don’t think anyone wants to be cheated of that. You want actual true performance.” 
After a disappointing weekend in Montreal, Lewis will be looking forward to France, a new venue and a new circuit.
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