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Lewis Hamilton’s Father Hopes Fernando Alonso Returns to F1

Lewis Hamilton’s Father Hopes Fernando Alonso Returns to F1

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a figure who is sorely missed in Formula One ever since he retired at the end of 2018. In fact, according to Anthony Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton’s father, Alonso left too early. There were rumours that the Spaniard could return to the sport, but the main hurdle will be which team to join.

Speaking to Spanish broadcaster, Movistar, Hamilton Sr. said, “Personally, Fernando retired too soon, although I understand why he left. If he returned it would be fantastic. We need someone like him in this sport again.”

Back when Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were teammates, they have had a number of scraps with each other. Anthony would love to see the Spaniard and his son go head-to-head like they used to. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, finding a team willing to take him in, is easier said than done.

Fernando Alonso

According to McLaren team principal, Andreas Seidl, there is no place for Alonso. He said. “If Lando and Carlos are the future of this team, it makes sense that they are the ones who do the testing, which is quite limited in Formula 1,”

For the current season, Fernando Alonso is competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, his main aim is the Motorsport Triple Crown, which lacks just one key element. That element is the Indianapolis 500, which Alonso has failed at twice.

On the first try, he was in a good position, until mechanical issues dented his hopes. On the second occasion, he barely missed out on qualifying after he was relegated by the last driver to set a lap time. Now, the question is, will he be third time lucky at the Indy 500?

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton of coming away from his 6th British Grand Prix win and another lead extension in the 2019 Driver’s championship.

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