Fernando Alonso remarked that F1 became too predictable for him and touted that as the reason for his departure from it at the end of the season. Liberty Media boss, Sean Bratches, has accepted the claim made by the Spaniard.

“Since the 2015 Grand Prix season only three teams have won a Grand Prix. Only three teams. So it is pretty predictable. I respect his decision to move on,” Bratches told the Black Book Motorsport Forum.

“I think he’s right and we have a plan to fix it. There is an opportunity for Formula 1 to be less predictable. I think it’s important that we get there.”

Bratches agreed with Alonso but was also positive about the future

Since taking over Formula 1, Liberty Media have mooted several changes to the sport, both positive and negative. The social media aspect has grown admirably, with the audience reach growing by the day.

Alonso has been part of that strategy and his stature is one of the reasons why the sport has grown so much. Bratches admitted that his departure does affect the business side of F1.

“I was disappointed from a business standpoint. He’s been around for a long time, he’s climbed the highest peaks,” he said.

He also hoped that Alonso would be back some day and continue his association with the sport that he shares so much history with. “I hope we can engage him to be an ambassador of this great sport for us going forward,” he added.

It is genuinely surprising to see someone at the position of Bratches agrees with Alonso, especially considering that he has voiced his opposition so vocally.

However, it also shows the respect that people have for Alonso and his views, which turn out to be right more often than not. Liberty do have some ideas, though not all of them are smart.

Fans do hope to see some changes made to make it less predictable and not disenchant drivers and viewers alike with the state that it is in currently.


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