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Lionel Messi Clears Air on Rumours of Rifts with Antoine Griezmann

Lionel Messi Clears Air on Rumours of Rifts with Antoine Griezmann

Lionel Messi cleared all the rumours of rift between him and Barcelona’s marquee signing after their UEFA Champions League match against Inter Milan.

“Obviously we have no problem,” Messi said. “There is a good relationship with everyone, we are united.

“We were aware that the moment was not the best, we needed this victory to get on track so from now we can go up.”

Messi, who has spent a majority of the season so far away from action due to an injury picked during the preseason, seemed fully fit and going as he started the match against Inter. Messi managed to play the full 90 minutes of a match for the first time this season.

“I’ve just been trying to get going, I’m glad I was able to complete the game and end it well,” he said after playing an influential part for the duration of the match. “I’m tired and I’m lacking a bit of fitness but once I play more games I’ll start feeling more liberated. I feel at my best when I’m playing a lot of games.”

In the absence of their talisman, Barcelona have struggled to make a strong start to the season. While Messi’s absence might have been a reason for the poor run of form, the Argentine was of a feeling that the a heavy pre-season was one of the reasons for their stuttering start.


“We were on that road, we knew that we were in a difficult time, but in Europe all the greats have a hard time starting the season,” he said. “Because of the pre-season we are feeling heavy, with the pre-season trips you don’t train well. I don’t say it as a criticism, it’s a reality.”

“It’s understandable that the club does these games, all the great [clubs] do and it is necessary. Little by little we are going to adapt to the competition.”

Barcelona eventually registered a 2-1 victory against Inter, after they were behind within the first three minutes of the match. Inter kept creating chances, but the Barcelona managed to pull off an impressive comeback to avoid a home defeat- thanks to a Luis Suarez brace.


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