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Lionel Messi turns the clock back as he almost pulls off the assist of the season

Lionel Messi turns the clock back as he almost pulls off the assist of the season

They say 30 is the age when footballers start to go down with their form and performance levels. Surely they’re right, but every theory has its exceptions and Lionel Messi is one such an exception. The Argentine maestro is 32 and is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, he’s still pulling out his signature mazy runs and sensational goals.

Lionel Messi refuses to decline

Barcelona were leading 2-1 against the rock bottom Espanyol and that’s when Lionel Messi got into the mood. He received the ball in his half from Sergi Roberto and went on a crazy through the heart of Espanyol’s midfield. It was as if there were no players present there. He dazzled through four of them and turned another one to give a perfect pass to Luis Suarez only for the Uruguayan international to shoot straight at the goalkeeper. 

If the former Liverpool talisman would have finished that chance he would have given Barcelona a 3-1 lead. Which is the hindsight would have proved enough for Lionel Messi and men to earn three points as they end up drawing the match with Espanyol 2-2.

Ernesto Valverde’s men continue to struggle

While Ernesto Valverde’s men haven’t looked their scintillating best this season, Messi is again having a fantastic season. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner has 33 goal contributions in 34 matches in all competitions, including 23 goals and 11 assists.

Lionel Messi

Though he’s failed to inspire his club as he has done so many time in past. Or maybe he’s doing his bit it’s just he isn’t getting any support. If overdependence on Messi was a problem for Barcelona till now, it has now has become a crisis for them. Given the quality that this team poses and their recent spending spree, the Camp Nou admirers are justified in asking more from their team. And it seems inevitable that something would have to change at Barcelona, and the most likely candidate looks the manager himself.

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