“Little Giants”: Del Potro, Monaco and Others React to Diego Schwartzman’s Staggering Victory Over Dominic Thiem

October 7, 2020 1:14 am

The Philippe Chatrier in Paris was home to some incredible tennis this evening. The match between Diego Schwartzman and Dominic Thiem finally reached its conclusion. The quarterfinal tie went for over five hours as the two players fought for a place in the semis. The five-setter marathon in the French Open 2020 had everything, including action, drama, and a spectacular comeback.

After Diego pulled off a win against Thiem to proceed to the semis, Twitter was flooded with tweets coming from all directions praising the players and congratulating the Argentine.

Little giants! Enjoy a lot! @nadiapodoroska @dieschwartzman,” Argentine tennis player Juan Del Potro tweeted.

“Diego Schwartzman wants to be the 10th Argentine to reach the Grand Slam semifinals,”  another tweet read.

I go crazy Ladino !!!!!!!! You deserve everything brother come on Diego Schwartzman,Juan Monaco tweeted.

“Schwartzman soars into the semis. Diego Schwartzman stuns Dominic Thiem in a 5-set thriller and becomes the 10th Argentinian man in history to reach the men’s singles semi-finals at a Grand Slam,” a tweet from Davis Cup read.

“I was speechless, what a great game of these 2 greats, thanks for the delivery Diego Schwartzman and Dominic Thiem. Crazy what you did, you are pure struggle, heart, and courage, congratulations Diego. Vamoooooosssss!!” Argentine tennis player Gabriela Sabatini tweeted.

Diego Schwartzman won an iconic tie

The Argentine drew the first blood as he went ahead with the first set in tow. Dominic Thiem tried his best to resist, but it wasn’t enough to stop Schwartzman from pulling a victory with 7 games to 6.

However, the reigning US Open 2020 Champion came back with a bang. Trailing by a set, Thiem stormed in the second set to prevail over Diego. The scoreline read 7-5 in favor of the Austrian.

Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman with Austria’s Dominic Thiem after winning their quarter final match REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Continuing his domination, Thiem continued to push Diego to his extremes. Schwartzman tried to buildup resistance against Thiem, although every effort fell short as Thiem took his second set in a row. The 7-6 scoreline justified the tussle that went into the set.

Winning two sets in a row, Thiem must have been confident of taking the third set too, and the match along with it. However, Diego came from behind to equalize the scores to take the game to a tiebreaker. After a vigorous fight between the two, Thiem bowed out as Diego won the set 7-6.

In the final set, Thiem’s resistance broke down completely. He was exhausted and was dragging himself from one end to the other. He tried to go along, but his body seemed to have given up. The final set was won by Schwartzman 6 games to 2.

After five long hours and five long sets, Diego Schwartzman got his clearance to the semis.


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