LIV Golf Without Tiger Woods’ Presence Wins Big at ES Awards in 2022

Published 12/29/2022, 3:30 PM EST

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The year 2022 is finally drawing to its end. The world of sports saw massive moments occur in the year, which changed the landscape of many sports. Whether it was the retirement of the Greats in Tennis or the crowning of a Soccer king in Qatar, the year had it all. Nonetheless, when it comes to causing a disturbance in the sport, no occasion arises above the initiation of LIV Golf. We at EssentiallySports have given away 22 awards for different categories across all sports. Check out which award the Saudi Backed Tour achieved in our 22 lists of awards.

Check out which award the Breakaway Tour earned and why.

LIV Golf wins the ES Most Disruptive Moment of the year award


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Though most sporting events have run smoothly throughout 2022, in certain fields, occurred the opposite. The world of golf became a victim of disruption. Whether it’s the opinions of fans or golfers, the year saw massive development in the sport. The inaugural season of LIV Golf caused all this drama and chaos.

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The talks of LIV Golf have been considered a rumor for the past few years. However, the plan was finally shifted from paper to reality earlier this year. The Tour took the world of sports by storm by offering veteran golfers 9-figure cheques.

This also began a war of Tours between the LIV Golf and PGA Tour. Despite being in the sport for the past 92 years, the PGA Tour failed to capitalize on its players. The Saudi-funded Tour wasted no time in disrupting their nemesis as they signed big names such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Bryson DeChambeau, to name a few, from the PGA Tour.

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The foundation of LIV Golf led the PGA Tour to start reconsidering some of its strategies. The American Tour decided to increase their prize money considering their rival’s big money offering. Among many initiations also included the formation of a Golf League, TGL, which will commence in January 2024.

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Indeed, LIV Golf disrupted not just the world of golf and the PGA Tour, but the entire sport globally. Many quickly noticed the Tour for its huge prize money and exorbitant contracts. Therefore, LIV Golf won the award for the 2022 ES’ Most Disruptive Sports Award. Moreover, the Tour won the award without the requirement of golf’s biggest entity, Tiger Woods.

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Though the Saudi-backed Tour did reach out to the 15-time Major winner and offered him a stunning $800 million deal, Tiger decided to stay loyal to the PGA Tour. Perhaps, Tiger joining them would have led to further turmoil in the sports universe. But with his commitment to the American Tour, Woods seems to be far away from joining LIV Golf.

Nonetheless, 21 more categories have been won by the deserving, such as Serena Williams, Chris Bumstead, and many more. Let’s take a look at who won the rest of the 21 awards.

Who else won the ES 2022 Awards?

There were plenty of outrageous moments in the year 2022. However, nothing overcomes the high-spirited moment of Antonio Brown exposing himself to a woman in Dubai. The former NFL Wide receiver wins the ES WTF Moment of the year award.

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When it comes to surprises, most people sense excitement. However, the recipient of ES 2022 Most Shocking Moment of the year happens to be Bubba Watson, who decided to throw a jab at his arch-rival Kyle Larson. Tennis, great Serena Williams’ retirement announcement, earned her the ES Most Heartbreaking moment of the year.

Chris Bumstead continued his dominance at the 2022 Mr. Olympia Physique Classic, after winning his 4th consecutive title. The win earned him the ES Most Dominant Moment of the year. However, when it comes to the ES Biggest Upset of the year award, the recipient also happens to be Mr. Olympia. Iranian Hadi Choopan’s win over the favorite Big Ramy at the 2022 Mr. Olympia is the biggest upset of the year.

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After a wait of four years, the world finally got to witness the FIFA World Cup on their TV screens once again. However, the final match in Qatar earned two people an ES award. The first one for the Fairytale Moment of the year award goes to Lionel Messi for finally being crowned the World Champion after years of struggles on the International stage. While the second award for the Cringiest Moment of the year goes to Salt Bae for interfering in the player’s celebration in the final.

LeBron James too had an award for himself for lying several times during his interviews. The videos were shared multiple times, earning him the ES Meme Worthy Moment of the year. When it comes to the Greatest Comeback of the year award, most people will have no worries about recalling it. The Minnesota Vikings claim the award for their stunning 33-point comeback against Indianapolis Colts earlier this month.


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ES 2022 Awards: Full list of the 22 awards

Here’s a full list of the rest of the awards:

  1. WTF moment of the year: Antonio Brown exposing himself to a woman
  2. Heart-breaking announcement/moment of the year: Serena Williams retiring 
  3. Most-dominant moment of the year: Chris Bumstead winning Mr. Olympia for 4th time in a row
  4. Fairytale moment of the year: Lionel Messi lifting World Cup with Argentina
  5. Shocking moment of the year: Bubba Wallace punching fellow NASCAR driver
  6. Picture-perfect moment of the year: Formula One Miami GP pic of Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Tom Brady, and others
  7. Cringe-worthy moment of the year: Salt Bae’s World Cup cringe
  8. Most-Controversial moment of the year: Lia Thomas 
  9. Biggest Disruptive sporting moment of the year: LIV Golf inaugural season
  10.  End of an era moment of the year: Vince McMahon
  11.  Wildest moment of the year: (80-1) underdog Rich Strike winning the famous Kentucky derby after ranking 16th in the final turn 
  12. Most viral athlete off-the court: Brittney Griner 
  13. Impossible moment of the year: Ross Chastain advancing to Championship 4
  14. Breakout star of the year: Carlos Alcaraz
  15. Unexpected truth-bomb of the year: Cristiano Ronaldo exposing Manchester United’s leadership
  16. Saddest moment of the year: Nadal vs Federer holding hands and tearing up 
  17. Upset of the Year: Hadi Choopan winning Mr. Olympia over Big Ramy 
  18. Meme-worthy moment of the year: LeBron James interview memes 
  19. Entertainers of the Year: Paul Brothers 
  20. Blooper of the Year: Tom Brady retiring for 40 days 
  21. Underdog story of the year: Leon Edwards KO at UFC 278
  22. Comeback of the Year: Minnesota Vikings completing the biggest comeback in NFL history


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What are your thoughts on the winners of the awards? Let us know in the comments section below.

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