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NBA Finals 2024: Boston Celtics vs Dallas Mavericks - Live Results, News, and Updates of Game 5

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    In a fight for glory, the Celtics and Mavs will tough it out at TD Garden once again in Boston. As Kyrie Irving might face 'self-doubt' and Luka trying to battle his injury demons, will the Jays take home the Championship this year for their long-awaited 18th banner? Or will Mavs force another one? Be sure to find out here!

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32d ago

Champagne Pops In The Celtics' Locker Room

Everyone is all smiles, happy, grinning and jumping in the locker room, celebrating each other and the 18th Championship.

32d ago

Celtics Are Now At The Top Of The NBA Hierarchy

With 18 championships, Celtics move ahead in the rankings leaving behind the Lakers who have 17 champions now. The last championship the C's won was in 2008.


32d ago

Derrick White's Barters His Tooth For A Ring

Derrick White literally gave it his all. It took his blood to bring in this glorious victory tonight.

32d ago

Wyc Grousbeck Is Proud Of Joe Mazulla

Grousbeck couldn't help but congratulate the man behind the scenes, Joe Mazulla who kept the team going. "Brilliance of Joe Mazzulla.. is he wouldn't let expectations get in the way"

32d ago

Celtics Redefine Legacy With 18th Banner

Everyone gleefully enjoys watching the 18th banner at TD Garden.

32d ago

Jayson Tatum Robbed Of The MVP??

Jaylen Brown Takes the MVP accolades home. He fights anxieties and doubts to believe In himself

32d ago

Adam Silver Presents The Larry O' Brien

Wyc Grousbeck along with the entire Celtics' roster lift the coveted Larry O'Brien trophy.

32d ago

Tatum Silences His Doubters

Celtics' Tatum shut his haters down with this Championship, makes coach Mazulla and the fans proud. All he could say in the end was: "What they gonna say now". He now becomes the first player in the franchise to get 30+ points and 10+ assists in a NBA Finals game

32d ago

Tatum Celebrates His Ring With Son Deuce

The expectations all season long for Tatum did not smother him. His resillience shined through.

32d ago

Celtics' 17 Year Championship Drought Ends In A Dramatic Glory

The Celtics are NBA Champions. The final score 106-88. Relentless effort for 17 years, using their past failures, keeping their dream alive, the Celtics have finally got their 18th banner.

32d ago

Tears Of Joy For Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum overcome with emotions. Everyone in his family sacrificed a lot for him to be here to clinch this victory.

32d ago

Kyrie Irving Leaves In Pride

After a disappointing night, Kyrie Irving goes ahead in a brave display of brotherhood, hugging the Celtics' team, and their HC Mazulla before stepping off the court.

32d ago

A Slippery Slope

There was something on the court probably when Jaylen Brown and Luka Doncic both slipped at same place.

32d ago

Pre Game Roars Commence At TD Garden

Fans can't help but stand and engulf the arena in thunderous roars of the victory inching closer and closer to the Boston side.

32d ago

DJJ Injured??

Derrick Jones Jr's legs got caught in a weird angle during the game play, after he fell on the court trying to protect the ball. Along with him were Jayson Tatum and PJ Washington.

32d ago

Derrick On Derrick Crime

6'4 Derrick was successfully able to block and posterise 7'1 Dereck. Look at this!

32d ago

Jrue Holiday Is Going To Get Richer!

Holiday has a pretty nice contract amount waiting him in just 12 minutes.

32d ago

Championship Loading: 75% For The Celtics

At the end of quarter 3, the score stands 86-67. Jaylen Brown's heroic attempt would have led the Boston side with another 3 points right at the buzzer. We are not left with just 1 quarter, a pretty long one for the Celtics.

32d ago

Jaylen Brown "Compliments" Derrick White

In a hilarious display of camaraderie on court, Jaylen Brown tells Derrick White how 'beautiful' he looks tonight.

32d ago

Luka Doncic Makes Franchise History

Luka surpasses Dirk Nowitzki for most amount of points in a post-season run.

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