Live the Gunfights in Deathloop Like Never Before With PlayStation 5’s DualSense Controller

November 24, 2020 8:08 pm

PlayStation 5’s timed-exclusive, Deathloop is setting the stage with an armada of features as it prepares to launch on PS5 next year. As the time trickles down, we’re getting a step closer to the gates of Blackreef island. Taking the immersion to a whole another level with the PS5 DualSense controller, fans are surely in for a treat.

As a treat for those anticipating the title, Sony and Arkane Studios have revealed some information via a blog post.

The game is set to launch on May 21, 2021, available only on PS5, as a part of a timed-exclusive.

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How will PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller affect Deathloop?

Dynamic weapons

Deathloop’s weapons are going to feel like something taken straight from the real world. The weapons’ dynamic nature, clubbed with the immersion of the DualSense controller, will make the players feel like they’re actually handling the guns.

In every fight players take on with different weapons, they will feel the resistance of the recoil in actual time through the controller. Swinging and dodging the enemy fire or landing shots will all feel real through the ground-breaking technology.

Dualsense controller speakers

Feeling the action of the fight is one thing, but how about hearing it through your controller? That is now a reality with PS5’s next-gen controller, as it takes advantage of the speakers. Providing a very good sense of a bullet flying past your character, footsteps of someone close-by and so on will make the gaming experience more immersive than ever before.

Players will not only feel but also hear every single animation that is happening on the screen.

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Best in class weapon system

Ever felt a gun jam in a game before? Ever heard the controller reacting in the same mannerism as it’s being played out on the screen? The combination of PS5 and Deathloop will provide players with just that. As you start the game, it binds you to make use of low-tier weapons that will have a bit of rust. Deathloop’s weapon system will cause the rusty weapons to jam in the initial rounds as the players progress through.

Each time the weapon jams, the controller’s firing key will get stuck midway. As the character jostles the weapon to make it work again, the players will feel the same thud. This unique interaction is just an example of what players can expect from the game on the next-gen console.

Haptic mobility

Running and moving around in this game will feel a lot different from other games, as PS5 makes use of the haptic mobility feature. Walking on snow, running and gunning, roll dodging, tumbling on the rooftop and so on will all feel lifelike because of this feature. Immersion is just a word here, as Deathloop and PS5 are aiming to provide an experience that will be unmatched in the market.

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