Liverpool Fans Attacked with “Belts” before their Champions League Clash against Napoli

September 18, 2019 3:56 pm

Liverpool might have once again lost at Naples, but they still have time to bounce back, like they did last season to win the tournament. What would be more worrying for them is what happened before the match. Liverpool fans were attacked with “belts” as reported by Liverpool Echo.

“We were just trying to have a quiet drink before going to the apartment and had just paid our bar bill,” a Liverpool fan who wanted to stay anonymous was quoted as saying.

“Next minute we could see about 10 scooters flying down. They slowed right down and their faces were covered with scarves and helmets. Next second they are jumping off swinging belts towards us. Must have all happened in 90 seconds but some lad got hit by a belt.”

“Twice I’ve had bother here now. I am never coming back.”

Another fan tweeted: “Just saw a group of our lads get attacked by Ultras near the port. Rode up on scooters; jumped off swinging belts. Worth repeating again; if you wear colours on an away like this you are risking yours – or someone else’s – life. Keep your wits about you and stay safe

“And FYI the lads who got attacked weren’t wearing colours, they are scouse lads who go everywhere. just pointing out to those who ARE here wearing replica shirts that it’s easy to put other people in danger by association or being stood next to them on the street,” the tweet continued.

Merseyside police confirmed two men being attacked by before the match, who suffered injuries.

“We can confirm two Liverpool fans were reported to have been assaulted in Naples earlier today,” a spokesperson for Merseyside Police said.

“At around 6pm local time (5pm GMT), it was reported a number of males on scooters approached the fans at a bar in the city before assaulting them.

“Two men from the UK, aged 26 and 46, sustained superficial cuts and grazes to the head and were treated at the scene before continuing to attend the match.

“Local police area aware and Merseyside Police are working with police colleagues in Naples to assist in the policing of the Champions League fixture tonight.”

The incident led to Liverpool CEO Peter Moore himself visiting the hospital where an injured fan was being treated.

Moore had responded to a tweet asking for supporters to visit the injured fan, who has now been discharged from hospital.

“I’m at the hospital with him right now,” Moore had tweeted. “We will not leave him until we are comfortable that he’s fine.”

“The hospital staff and the police have now helped Steven and have been very co-operative. He’s been seen and will be monitored throughout the night. He asked me to thank everyone for their concern,” he added.

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