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Logic Claims UMG Disallows Ninja from Playing His Music on Twitch

Logic Claims UMG Disallows Ninja from Playing His Music on Twitch

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, better known as Logic, announced his retirement from the rap industry in July, after more than a decade in the industry and two Grammy nominations. Apart from his rap game, he is also famous for something else. Logic is closely associated with the streaming industry, and his passion for video games is beyond compare. He has even teamed up with streamers like Myth and Ninja in the past.

After announcing his retirement, Logic signed an exclusive deal with Twitch. He had spoken of his desire to become a full-time streamer, and it was a pleasant surprise for his fans to see him actually do it. Since then, the former rapper has gladly transitioned into a gamer.

Recently, the rapper-turned streamer mentioned Ninja in a tweet, claiming UMG disapproves of his ‘gaming homies’ playing his music on stream.

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Logic says UMG won’t let his “gaming homies” play his music

Over the years, Logic has released several hit albums that have surged the music charts. And considering Logic’s close association with the streaming industry, it does not come as a surprise that high-profile streamers like Ninja want to play some of his brilliant music while streaming.

In a tweet, Logic said, “Too many of my gaming homies @Ninja included have wanted to play my music during stream and on YouTube, but @UMG won’t let me. I want 2 give to this great community and allow them 2 use my music for free! This is beyond a dollar sign. I want the community to enjoy my music.

Jack “Courage” Dunlop replied to the tweet stating that the same holds true for other artists he has spoken to. The YouTube streamer said, “They want their music played but can’t get approval.

Leading music corporations not allowing their artists’ music to be played on Twitch or YouTube is highly concerning. Not long ago, Twitch had witnessed a massive influx of DMCA takedown requests. Several Twitch streamers were hit with DMCA claims due to copyright infringements. Amidst all that drama, Drake and T-Pain gave Twitch streamers the right to play their tunes for free.

Obviously, there are legalities of a contract that music corporations and their artists must follow. As fans, we can only hope that artists and streamers get to play music on stream.

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