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Look at the Euro 2016 Debutants

Look at the Euro 2016 Debutants

The main qualification campaign of the Euro 2016 is done and 19 other teams are joining France in the tournament next summer. Out of these 19 teams, 5 of them are making their debut in the Tournament Finals (should Bosnia win their playoffs, the tournament will feature six new debutants).

So a look at each of these 5 teams that are set to make their first impressions in the European Championships

  1. Iceland

Won: 6

Armed with an impressive campaign, Iceland will be making their International Tournament debut in the Euro 2016, finishing 2nd in Group A, ahead of Turkey and Netherlands.

Iceland's team celebrating
Iceland’s team celebrating

A young squad, with just a few players (including those called up during the last 12 months) over the age of 30, they showed that a collective unit with the right chemistry and team work can beat the best in the world. They did that, taking a full six points against the Netherlands.

The only Iceland player that most people know currently is Gylfi Sigguardson who plies his trade in Swansea who was nonetheless, a key player in the success of the national team. Now, the team which will have around 6-8 friendly matches before the final tournament, can look forward to improving their game play at their clubs to make the final 23. The manager also has time to really tinker with the formations to get an ideal set up.

Iceland are now slowly making their mark in International football (having narrowly missing on a trip to the World Cup 2014), and if they can put on a good show in the Euro 2016, their country and players will be much more noticed across the world, and can lay the foundation for a World Cup qualification campaign of 2018.

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