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Clippers News: Paul George Reported to Miss at least Two Games ahead of the Road Trip to Denver

Clippers News: Paul George Reported to Miss at least Two Games ahead of the Road Trip to Denver

Paul George of Los Angeles Clippers

A left hamstring strain is set to keep Los Angeles Clippers point guard Paul George out for at least a couple of games, which includes a trip to Denver Nuggets on Sunday.

George felt tightness in his hamstring during the game against Detroit Pistons last week and did not return to play the second half of the game. He did not play in their next game against Memphis Grizzlies and played 26 minutes in the game after that against New York Knicks.

The Clippers then had a four-day break between games, the first two of which the players took off. Paul George apparently aggravated his hamstring strain during Wednesday’s practice session.

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers admitted that there was nothing extravagant about the way he got injured and felt it was a minor strain and he would be back for the game against Golden State Warriors on Friday.

“Just guarding,” ESPN quoted Rivers talking about how George strained the hamstring. “Nothing violent which you knew it wasn’t bad. He felt something and he walked over to me and said I think I feel something in my hamstring.”

“When he went down I started to think about Allen Iverson immediately like, why did we practice? But it’s a mild hamstring injury and he’ll be back. We’ll keep evaluating him and he’ll be back soon, I think.”


George did not feature in the game against Warriors where the Clippers posted a comeback win.

“When PG went out I wasn’t sure what it was,” Rivers added. “When he told me it was a hamstring I just thought go get it checked. I actually thought I’d see him the next day and then I realized it was a real hamstring [injury].”

Clippers travel to Denver to face the Nuggets on Sunday, before hosting Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday. Paul George is reported to be not traveling with the team and is expected to miss both the games.

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