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Los Angeles Lakers Guard Alex Caruso will Undergo Random Drug Test from NBA

Los Angeles Lakers Guard Alex Caruso will Undergo Random Drug Test from NBA

Alex Caruso of Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Point Guard Alex Caruso will undergo a random drug test by the National Basketball Association (NBA).

NBA has often performed random drug tests on its players. But this drug test might not be as random. The decision of NBA testing Caruso under its anti-drug policy came shortly after random guys on social media posted edited images of the former Oklahoma City Blues player.

Initially, Los Angeles Lakers posted photos of their point guard on their social media handles, which included pictures of him posing topless showcasing his muscles and fitness. It took little invitation for the fun lovers in social media to edit the photos and showing his body in a much more enhanced manner.

The twitter post by Lakers involving the pictures of Alex Caruso:

Although the NBA drug test might be completely coincidental, the timing of it does seem to emulate a few speculations whether the test was due to the edited photos. It it was indeed, then it seems that the NBA officials fell for a simple joke.

Here is the pic demonstrating the extent to with his body was enhanced:

Under Article 24 of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Constitution, the NBA commissioner has the power to hand down disciplinary actions on players for on-court incidents, conduct that does not abide by the standards of fair play, conduct that does not comply with federal or state laws, and conduct that is detrimental to the game of basketball or the league.

Alex Caruso, 25, has had good history and has never been involved in any kind of illegal activities. He seems confident of passing the test.

The NBA career of the 25-year old had begun in 2016. There is has been a significant growth in his career since then, considering the fact that Caruso wasn’t drafted into any of the teams in 2016.

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