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Luiz Suarez – Hand of God

Luiz Suarez – Hand of God

Luis Suarez is one of the best players in the world. He has been fantastic for Barcelona this season, and has also avoided any controversies.

But before being famous for biting people, he was famous for a more than controversial incident that happened in the quarter finals of FIFA World Cup 2010.

Scores were level and with seconds left on the clock, Ghana got a free kick in the attacking half. The resulting cross was a dangerous one, and Suarez after making a brilliant goal line clearance, stopped the ball from going into the net again, but this time by his hands.

Subsequently he was red-carded, and Ghana got the penalty as the last kick of the match. But drama wasn’t over as Gyan missed out on the penalty and Uruguay went into the Semi Finals after winning the following penalty shoot-out.

Re-live the moment in the video


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