Sebastian Vettel defends move on Max during 2019 Chinese GP Qualifying

April 13, 2019 4:46 pm

In a sport where driver battles, intense moments and uncertainty are about as common as the chance of finding Pizza in Italy, one can always make some time for a light moment in F1, right? Not that Red Bull’s Max Verstappen would fancy that one bit, at least, at this point in time. From what one gathered at the 2019 Chinese GP qualifying, perhaps it suffices to say from Sebastian Vettel may not exactly be Max Verstappen’s best friend. But on a serious note, can a qualifying battle ever be easy?

After all, you are as much in it as the other guys for the key position at the front. And therefore, sparks are always flying here and there and not merely in the fight for supremacy on the grid. Last minute moves, calculated risks and, whatnot- there’s never a dull day in qualifying anyway. To that regard, Sebastian Vettel, who begins his China challenge third behind Lewis has already earned some ire of Red Bull‘s Max Verstappen.

And, well, it’s not the first time that Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen have gotten into a situation where the other loses his cool on the other or if not, then has a thing or two to say.


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Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has accused Sebastian Vettel of spoiling his chances at the final qualifying run for the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix. So what exactly happened?

As he was just about to start his final run, Max Verstappen backed off since Sebastian Vettel made a move on him. So what this did, therefore, is that it compromised Max, who hasn’t won at Shanghai, from doing his last run as the checkered flag came out.

To this, there was an explanation offered by Sebastian Vettel, who’s won at China in 2009, and it reads as follows:

“Obviously everybody timed it around the same so we all left for the same spot,” he said. “If you were at the end of the train, which I was, then it was quite difficult.”

To that end, Sebastian Vettel also maintained that had he not made that move over the Dutchman, he himself would’ve not been able to complete his flying lap or run out of time. But that told- is this justified?

Thankfully, the observers of the qualifying don’t have to take a call. Right?

But that said, it remains to be seen what can come out on the race day which is well, just a few hours away.

Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen
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