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WATCH: Magnussen Crashes in Qualifying of the Canadian Grand Prix

WATCH: Magnussen Crashes in Qualifying of the Canadian Grand Prix

Canadian Grand Prix

Disaster for Haas continues with the 2019 season. Their driver, Kevin Magnussen got involved a crash right at the end of the Q2 in the Canadian Grand Prix thus leaving the team a heavy bit of work to do overtime. Thankfully, he qualified for Q3 (won’t be able to participate though) before the red flags came out because of him.

This is Magnussen’s first qualification into Q3 in Canada. A very forgetful one though. The biggest collateral damage in this mess caused by Magnussen was Max Verstappen who was in the middle of a flying lap and thus had to abandon it. As a result, he couldn’t make it past Q2 and hence will be starting tomorrow’s race from 11th.


Magnussen hit the wall at such an angle that his car drifted along and hit the opposite wall. The suspension got a massive hit throwing debris all over the track. Following him was his teammate, Romain Grosjean who was careful enough to avoid his spinning teammate. He also got caught in the mess and a result could only qualify 15th.

Apart from Verstappen and Gasly, other who got knocked out in Q2 were Kvyat (12), Giovinazzi (13) and Albon (14). At the up top, Mercedes ended the session on top with Hamilton taking the lead from Bottas. Q1 on the other hand was dominated by Ferrari. Now who takes pole in Q3 for the Canadian Grand Prix will be a really tough guess. Its game on!


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