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Man Spotted in an Illegal Place During F1 GP

Man Spotted in an Illegal Place During F1 GP


In sports, there are three types of fans. Those who come to enjoy the events, the daredevils who try everything to get closer to the action. Finally, there’s this particular F1 fan who took things to the extreme during the Azerbaijan F1 GP.

In a ‘blink and you miss it moment’, a fan was briefly spotted standing in front of the barrier. It was in a tricky position as it was near the pit lane entry point. Surprisingly, none of the cameras picked it up until an onboard camera from Lewis Hamilton spotted the daredevil.

In that brief clip, it was unknown whether the marshals had caught the intruder. At that time, Lewis Hamilton was heading into the pits on lap 14 of the race. It was very dicey as drivers tend to attack the corner before entering the pits. Also, the pit limiter needs to be activated right after that S-turn.

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