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“Man This Game Feels Crispy Though” – DrDisrespect

“Man This Game Feels Crispy Though” – DrDisrespect

After his official return to Youtube, DrDisrespect took to streaming again today, with a lot to discuss. A Monday morning stream of energizing content to “set the tone” for the rest of the week. To imagine, just a month ago, this man was banned on Twitch, and we had no idea if we would ever see him again.

DrDisrespect is known for his dramatic persona and outspoken nature. Even in the last stream, we saw how he strategically chose his words to call out some “sources” in the eSports community. He does the same in this one, with a little hint of nostalgia. He almost mentions TimTheTatMan in a joke but did not. 

It feels bad to see that he cannot even mention his friends on stream because of the ongoing legal proceedings. Obviously, he doesn’t want to mention his name and get Tim, or himself, in trouble. 

DrDisrespect plays Rogue Company

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X74YBGONhJU?start=5739]

Doc mentions at the start, how the Youtube UI is still a little confusing to him. Then drops the “517 million” remark as his stream literally crossed all expectations. Rogue Company is a 3rd person tac-shooter game with a lot of intriguing features. We have seen gamers already discussing how this game can be the next big jam. 

After playing the training course, it seemed Doc really liked the sword throwing part. “Man this game feels crispy though.” 

Rogue Company has incorporated certain dynamics and mechanics from the shortcomings of other popular games. However, it does look heavily influenced by Fortnite and COD.

Rogue Company, ladies and gentleman, I’m liking what I am seeing.”

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Breaking records of all sorts

Hopefully, we will see more development on that soon, but for DrDisrespect, he thoroughly enjoyed the game. “I just miss streaming. I do, I miss streaming.” 

He mentioned how streamers don’t get enough credit for their service. After all, eighteen million members at the Champions Club is quite an exciting number. 

Even his latest stream almost amassed over 2 million views. The truth is, the entire gaming world was waiting for Doc to make a return. It is quite expected that ratings will go through the roof when he is live. Perhaps because DrDisrespect is the best entertainer/streamer in the entire eSports industry.


Source – DrDisrespect (livestream)

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