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Manchester City can – and will – spend big

Manchester City can – and will – spend big

Manchester City have been given a green light by UEFA for this summer’s transfers and spendings. City can now persuade their targets the way the love to – with money. The likes of Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne will possibly be more interested in “the other Manchester” now.

City now have the freedom to bolster their squad, which is something they ought to do for Champions League football. They also have restrictions on wages and expenditure removed. These were imposed after City breached the Fair Play rules laid down by UEFA. These restrictions have now been lifted after City successfully paid their 16.3m fine.

“The lifting [of restrictions] is subject to additional controls and audits,” said a spokesperson for the CFCB Board, “The club remains under strict monitoring and has still to meet the break-even targets and is therefore subject to some limitations in 2016 as well.”

This news is certainly a blinding ray of hope for Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City and the fans. City can finally rebuild their squad, after last years disaster, the way they want to. Pellegrini can now inject youth and flair into his ageing squad and hopefully run for the title next season.

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