Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward’s House Attacked by Fans

January 29, 2020 5:58 pm

Ed Woodward’s house was attacked by a group of Manchester United fans last night. A video has surfaced of a man throwing flares at Woodward’s house. While the men accompanying him were chanting against the Manchester United CEO. 

In a statement, Cheshire police were quoted saying, “We were notified of an incident of criminal damage that had taken place earlier this evening with a large group targeting property in the Nether Peover area”.

“Thankfully no-one was harmed, and officers will liaise with security officials over the coming days to establish the full circumstances surrounding this incident and identify those involved,”

Ed Woodward has recently been subjected to abusive chants like “Ed Woodward’s gonna die”. Large sections of fans believe that he’s the principal reason behind the club’s poor decision making. Manchester United have in recent years made questionable managerial appointments. While their recruitment hasn’t been efficient too. 

Attack on Ed Woodward and His Family is Unacceptable

Since Sir Alex Ferguson left, Ed Woodward has been in charge of operations at Manchester United.  He has seen over a period of the steep downfall of one of the most decorated clubs of English football. Hence it is understandable to believe their fanbase’s anger towards him.

However, you can’t blame Ed Woodward for committing a crime. All he’s doing is his job. He is accused of prioritising Manchester United’s owners, the Glazers family’s interest over the club’s. But still, all he’s doing is his job, it’s just he’s pleasing his employers more than the fans.

While one can be critical of the fact that he’s a CEO who isn’t from a football background still running a football club. However, one can’t blame him for his own appointment.

Manchester United Made a Strong Statement

Manchester United released a strong statement regarding the unwanted incident, Manchester United were quoted as, “Manchester United Football Club have tonight been made aware of the incident outside the home of one of our employees,”

“We know that the football world will unite behind us as we work with Greater Manchester Police to identify the perpetrators of this unwarranted attack.

“Anybody found guilty of a criminal offence, or found to be trespassing on this property, will be banned for life by the club and may face prosecution.

“Fans expressing opinion is one thing, criminal damage and intent to endanger life is another. There is simply no excuse for this.”

We have no business defending Ed Woodward or his role at Manchester United. But it’s our duty as a community to protect this beautiful game from anything ugly.

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