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Manchester United Fall Behind Real Madrid in Forbes ‘Most Valuable Team’ List

Manchester United Fall Behind Real Madrid in Forbes ‘Most Valuable Team’ List

Recently, Forbes released a list of the ‘Most Valuable Teams’ and to the surprise of many, a number of American teams have dominated. Also, it is worth noting that Premier League giants, Manchester United have fallen behind La Liga giants, Real Madrid. In fact, the American domination has been such that only eight football clubs have made it into the Top 50.

Manchester United have also tumbled down the order behind defending La Liga champions, FC Barcelona in Forbes’ 50 most valuable teams. NFL team Dallas Cowboys have retained their position at the top spot.

The Red Devils were initially second on the list in 2018 list with Real Madrid third and Barca fourth. However, the latter two retained their positions, while Manchester United were bundled down to sixth.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the Cowboys have topped the list, as they are worth $5 billion. In second are MLB team the New York Yankees, worth $4.6 billion, while Los Blancos are worth $4.24 billion and Barca on $4.02 billion. Rounding out the top 5 is NBA team, New York Knicks on $4 billion.

The next richest football team is Bayern Munich, who are well down the order in 17th place. Meanwhile, Premier League Champions Manchester City and Chelsea occupy 25th and 32nd respectively. Next up are, Arsenal and 6-time Champions League winners, Liverpool at No. 42 and 45 respectively.

The popularity of the Dallas Cowboys helped owner Jerry Jones fork in an estimated $340 million in sponsorship. That sum is twice as much as any other team, according to Forbes.

“On and off the field, in season and out of season, there is a small soap opera going on every day,” Jones told Forbes in 2018. “Everyone knows that marketing, especially in this day and time, is just another way to promote the circus, so to speak.”

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