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Manchester United to Part Ways with Ander Herrera

Manchester United to Part Ways with Ander Herrera

When the current Premier League season ends, Manchester United will bid farewell to midfielder Ander Herrera. The Spaniard confirmed his exit following the expiry of his contract.

Herrera joined Manchester United in 2014 following a stint at Athletic Bilbao. The 29-year old made an emotional announcement on the club’s Twitter account. Now, apparently, British media have associated Herrera with Ligue One side Paris St Germain. However, the midfielder has opted to remain mum on his future plans.

“There is red in my heart, I knew it from the first time I played here and in the moment that I started to wear it,” an emotional Herrera said.

“A club with thousands of fans who respect and remember all the players who give everything. I felt special when I heard my name chanted. I felt proud when the fans decided I was part of this incredible history.

“Every time I represented this club, in every game, in wins and losses, even when I couldn’t help from the grass, I understood what this club means.”

During his tenure as a Red Devil, Ander Herrera has graced the pitch a 189 times. He has even score 20 goals for Manchester United in all competitions. His trophy cabinet includes the likes of the FA Cup, League Cup and the Europa League.

“I am going to remember each of the almost 200 matches that I have played with this jersey. Because playing for the greatest club in England, has been a true honour,” added the soon-to-be former Manchester United player. “Thanks for these five amazing years.”

In response to Herrera’s impending departure, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mentioned that Herrera will likely feature in United’s final game. Manchester United go up against the newly-relegated Cardiff City in their season-ending game on Sunday.

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