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Maria Sharapova Talks Wozniacki Ahead of Clash

Maria Sharapova Talks Wozniacki Ahead of Clash

Maria Sharapova has looked flawless in her first two rounds at the Australian Open 2019. However, her next opponent is the defending champion Caroline Wozniacki, which sets up an enticing third round affair. Sharapova, despite leading in their head-to-head record, will start as an underdog against the Dane.

The Russian has been struggling with injuries and inconsistency and will hope that there will be none of the either issues troubling her against Wozniacki. Wozniacki, for those who do not know, reveres Maria Sharapova as a player and a personality, and Sharapova acknowledges it.

Maria Sharapova

“Yeah , its very special to hear, she said that at the…when we shook hands after the match and you’re always so focused on your job and winning that last point… its always really nice that your efforts are admired and we go about our days and our careers and you are acknowledged by fans and you’re asked to sign autographs and take selfies, but to hear it from from a young(player) you know that’s in the second round of a grand slam is always nice”, said Maria Sharapova at her press conference after her second round victory at the Australian Open 2019.

In the press conference she was also asked by a reporter “What is your bed time?”. to which she replied- “10.30!”

“Like in bed at 10.00..sleep by 10.30”, said Maria Sharapova.

“My boyfriend challenges it quite a lot….but 10.30 is my time”, she adds with a smile on her face.

The way Maria Sharapova has been playing in her first two rounds, the match against Wozniacki promises to be a spicy one, and a victory that could prove to be pivotal in whoever turns out victorious.

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