Former world No.1, Maria Sharapova is currently the eighth richest tennis player in term of prize money earned with $38.5 million, according to Forbes. The Russian has also built a $195 million business empire for herself.

However, the 5-time Grand Slam champion has been fighting for equal pay in tennis for many years. Women enjoy equal prize money at the Grand Slam tournaments but are awarded less than men at other professional tournaments.

Maria Sharapova

In an interview with wmagazine, Maria Sharapova once again threw some light on equal pay in all the sports. Recently, The United States Women’s National Soccer Team made the headlines by demanding equal pay.

Talking about what is missing from the conversation around equal pay in all sports, Maria Sharapova said, “We can get into many details, but I think at the end of the day I’m happy to see that so many women feel more confident and comfortable about speaking up.”

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova suggested that women have achieved much success in their field and it provides them a voice more than anything else. She said, “They’ve set up an incredible platform for themselves. They’re each champion in their own fields, and I think not only does that bring success and trophies and a bigger bank account, but it gives them a voice.”

The 32-year-old also expressed her happiness as she is witnessing the women sportsperson like the players in the United States Women’s National Soccer Team are raising their voice against unequal pay. She said, “They’ve gained so many fans around the world. I’m so happy that they’re using their voice.”

Maria Sharapova

Earlier in an interview, Maria Sharapova said that she is fighting for equality. “Female athletes are fighting for that equality, which is the right thing to do but is it right to still be doing it in 2019? No! It’s another thing we have to fight for, and we do because it’s part of our profession and part of our life. I want equality across the entire board and across all sports”