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Maria Sharapova Volleys a Stunning $8.6 Million Ranch in the USA

Maria Sharapova Volleys a Stunning $8.6 Million Ranch in the USA

For quite a long while, Maria Sharapova has been living in her house in Los Angeles. It is an amazing three-story house with a swimming pool, entertainment area, and even a bowling alley! Even though Sharapova loves this place, she probably wants another place to go to. That is why she has purchased a property in Santa Barbara.

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This is a ranch that spans across 5 acres and it is a great place to get in touch with nature. It has rolling gardens filled with lavender, roses, and jasmine. In addition to that, there are open lawns and even a bamboo forest.

Obviously, such a huge and amazing property comes at a price. According to reports, Maria Sharapova paid a whopping $8.6 million for this property! Clearly, everybody cannot afford such a lavish mansion.

Maria Sharapova smiling at 2020 Brisbane International
Maria Sharapova of Russia practices ahead of the 2020 Brisbane International at Pat Rafter Arena on December 31, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Tertius Pickard/Getty Images)

More About The Maria Sharapova Ranch

Nature is not the only thing amazing about the Russian’s new ranch. There are 3 residential buildings that make the compound and they have all been designed extremely well.

The first one has been Balinese inspired, and it features some exposed wood ceilings. The second one has a dutch style front door and a back door that opens into the rolling lawns. The final has a horse barn with equestrian facilities.

The only drawback of living in such a place would be that it is prone to droughts. However, this problem has been solved for the Russian as there is a private well with 15,000 gallons of storage. Clearly, this ranch is an example of perfection and we will definitely see Maria spending a lot of time here in the future.

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