Mario Isola Shares, “Pirelli Haven’t Changed Their Tyres, As Per Formula 1 in 2019!”

June 15, 2019 12:13 am

There was an era where Bridgestone enjoyed an unrivaled monopoly in Formula 1. Now is the time of the Pirellis. At a time where F1 is constantly trying to rediscover new ways to keep the pinnacle of motor-racing exciting and relevant, Pirelli, it can be said, are leading the show with constant variations.

In 2019, with three colors and five different compounds, Pirelli have provided the 10 teams, and thus, 20 drivers with a fairly uncomplicated choice for the ongoing season, one whose next stop is Las Castellet, the home of the French Grand Prix.

And speaking prior to the start of the 2019 French Grand Prix about Pirelli and its role in Formula 1, boss, Mario Isola shared that the noted brand hasn’t really changed its tyres because the sport’s leading authorities never asked them to.

So what does that really mean, one wonders?

To understand this context, one may have rewind back to the just-concluded Canadian Grand Prix where both Ferrari and Mercedes felt that the sport may perhaps need better tyres. If one were to rewind the clocks to what current defending champion Lewis Hamilton said, then it may be worthwhile to note his views:

We need better tyres to make F1 more competitive. 

But here is the catch. If one is to really expect a change in the tyres then it can only happen unless and until 7 in the existing 10 teams request for the said change.

To that end, Pirelli’s Mario Isola happened to share the following:

I didn’t receive any request so far. If I receive a request that is reasoned, we will consider that request. We will consider what we have to do to modify the tyres, and we will discuss that with the FIA,” Isola said.

“We, Pirelli, can modify the construction or the compound, the specification of the tyre, only for safety. Even if I sent a request to the FIA, to be honest, I don’t know what to write in that request because I cannot reason any change for safety. There is no safety concern.”

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