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Mark Webber concerned About Daniel Ricciardo

Mark Webber concerned About Daniel Ricciardo

Mark Webber, who won nine Formula One Grands Prix, expressed concern over Daniel Ricciardo and his move to Renault next season. Webber said that he feared Ricciardo might fall out of interest and said that only the tough survive. “I think it’s quite obvious he can’t wait for the season to be over, which is a little bit of a concern”, said Webber. “I don’t want him to fall out of love with the sport”, added Webber.

Webber was of-course talking about the disappointing season that Ricciardo has had. Ricciardo has suffered eight DNFs already this season, six of them were either car or engine related. This has forced Ricciardo to leave his team for the next season and choose Renault instead. Mark Webber believes that Daniel Ricciardo and his problems could take a turn for the worse, at Renault. “I just think that really tests your mettle. He’ll be questioning the sport in his head”, said Mark Webber, in his interview. “There’s not too many people to put an arm around your shoulder. Only the tough survive and he knows that”, he said.Daniel Ricciardo

Webber went on to say that the decision made by Ricciardo to move on to Renault was weird and that his hopes of doing well might not come true. Webber said that this would be a true test of Ricciardo and his grit and character as well as his love for the sport.

“He’s got to buckle up and keep going if he wants to bounce back with Renault next year”, said Mark Webber. “He’s made his bed over there with Renault, which I think is a weird decision, but that’s what he wants to do because he wants a change of environment.

“But it really can test how much he actually is enjoying the sport.”

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