Mark Webber fears for Sebastian Vettel: “You need to seek advice”

December 4, 2019 7:13 pm

Mark Webber is worried about former teammate Sebastian Vettel’s prospects for 2020 and beyond. The former Australian Grand Prix winner knows the German quadruple world champion well. He partnered Sebastian from 2009-13. During their time as team mates, they enjoyed a cordial relationship till Malaysia 2013. Sebastian Vettel passed Mark Webber against team orders, denying the Australian a win. It strained their relationship for the rest of the year.

Webber believes that Sebastian needs to listen to someone whose been in the same situation. However, he did concede that his former team mate is not a good listener.

Speaking to British Channel 4, Webber commented:

“I think he needs somebody’s advice, this is unexplored waters for him because he is reaching the end of his career, but he needs to seek advice from people who have been through this . This way, he can understand how to unlock a new phase of passion, energy and motivation to get going.

“I think this is the worst downturn in Sebastian’s career . He is a winner and a fighter, but a small crack in his armor is that he is not good at listening, ” added his former teammate.

Additionally, Mark Webber warned Sebastian about his professional-personal balance difficulty in 2020. The German has to manage testing and racing for 22 race weeks and help raise 3 children. The additional responsibilities, might weigh him down. Speaking on that Webber chimed:

“He has three children at home now and 22 races next year. I have no children, but it will be a challenge and some of the drivers do not have that . It has been his worst season at Ferrari and he has a great fight at hand next year to recover.”

After his F1 retirement, Mark Webber has occasionally been involved in media duties for F1. The interviews with Sebastian Vettel on the podium suggests that they have mended their relationship.

Sebastian Vettel had arguably one of his worst seasons. He was outperformed by his teammate for only the second time in his career. Reliability and unfortunate pit stops also played a role in derailing his season. It’s now up to the German to heed the advice of his former team mate, or find his own way to emerge as a top driver in 2020.


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