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Martin Brundle Calls Red Bull Advisor a ‘Grim Reaper’

Martin Brundle Calls Red Bull Advisor a ‘Grim Reaper’

Red Bull

Red Bull are notorious for being ruthless in terms of their expectations and anyone who does not meet it gets cut. The latest victim of their disapproval is poor old Pierre Gasly, who got bundled down to Toro Rosso. Now, in the wake of the demotion, a few have risen up in support of the Frenchman.

Among the motivators, was former F1 driver, Giedo van der Garde, who penned a heartfelt message. Another supporter was another former F1 driver, and current Sky F1 commentator, Martin Brundle.

While he sympathised with Gasly’s plight, he also sent a friendly warning to the Red Bull-bound Alex Albon. He warned that the Thai driver will need to do anything and everything to impress Red Bull. Brundle even threw a subtle dig at Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko in the process.

He called him a star maker or a grim reaper, because his judgement can either make or break a driver. Gasly is far from being his first victim, and his new teammate, Daniil Kvyat can attest to that. The Russian driver can also lend a sympathetic ear, having gone through the same thing himself, and giving rise to Max Verstappen’s star.

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