Marussia has been included on the revised 2015 entry list as Manor Marussia F1 team , something which makes their dream of returning to the sport, an even bigger reality now. The engine supplier remains Ferrari after it agreed to supply the team last year’s engines

The team fell into administration last year and didn’t participate in the last three races despite winning their first points in Monaco last year. Citing financial issues, they started selling off themselves in multiple auctions. However the team surprisingly came out of administration on February 19th owing to multiple new investors. More on this here

However their intentions of racing the 2015 season with their 2014 car took a serious hit after the  F1 Strategy Group decided to turn down this proposal. However the team can run their old car but with a few necessary tweaks including the new nose regulations.

Recently, taking one step closer to returning to the F1 paddock, Manor Grand Prix or Marussia announced Will Stevens as one of their drivers, also declaring that it has made ‘huge strides’ towards returning to the gird.


Whether all this sincere efforts from the team will provide them with anything fruitful still remains to be seen.

Whether they’ll be able to make their return or not, whether they’ll be even a bit close to any other team in the paddock if they return, and many other questions still need to be answered. All of which will happen in Melbourne, less than 20 days from now!

Meanwhile, read about the importance of Marussia to the sport, and why F1 can’t ignore them.


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