Mass Effect Back on Track with the Return of Trilogy Devs after Andromeda Debacle

December 16, 2020 10:00 pm

Fans have known for a while now that a new Mass Effect title is in development. BioWare displayed a trailer of the game at The Game Awards, which stood as an official announcement.

But another piece of news has left the fans buzzing. The studio announced that several devs behind the success of the previous games are making a return to work on the new project.

The trailer featured Dr. Liara T’Soni as the nucleus of the new title. She is an Asari researcher who was born in 2077 and dedicated her life to studying Prothean technology and their way of life. She does this to better understand the reason behind why the species (Prothean) went extinct.

Patrons of the Mass Effect series might already be aware of her abilities. These include the ability to manipulate dark energy and create large mass effect fields through electrical impulses.

The aforementioned premise is drool-worthy enough, but the news of the original devs returning serves as the cherry on top.

New Mass Effect title to feature the work of the devs of the trilogy

Post the release of the trailer, the Project Director of Mass Effect, Michael Gamble tweeted announcing that several developers from the original titles will work on the new project.

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He mentioned some familiar names like Dusty Everman who had left the studio back in 2015 but will rejoin as the Principal Narrative Designer. Other devs returning include Parrish Ley, Brenon Holmes and, Derek Watts.

Michael didn’t announce an official date of release. However, with the original devs back with the studio, the fans for sure have something to look forward to.

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BioWare introduced Mass Effect as a trilogy. The first entry rolled out in 2007, a sequel to that in 2010, and the third one in 2012.

Mass Effect: Andromeda came out in 2017, but fans, for long, have considered it as a separate project. Hence, they’ll surely be happy to see the devs working on a sequel to the original trilogy, and it might just be what the community has been waiting for.

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