Massa: Alonso won’t quit McLaren mid-way –

April 3, 2017 10:25 pm

2017 has started on really bad terms for McLaren Honda and particularly for Fernando Alonso. He moved from Ferrari to the Woking based team with the hopes to replicate the legendary McLaren-Honda alliance of the past.

The first year was disastrous but the second year showed potential and growth. Coming into 2017 with expectation to be at least the best of the rest, the testing and the subsequent Australian GP revealed that the team was back to square one.
With Alonso having joined the team with the expectation to win races is now struggling to even finish them. With two years scrapping for points, the whole grid is speculating just for how long would the Spaniard persevere.

The Australian GP result and McLaren’s outing proved to be a flashing point and reports immediately started making rounds that Alonso will not see the year out.

Adding fuel to the speculation was Webber’s comments that Alonso can walk away mid-way through the season because he’s frustrated at the situation and that contesting for mere points is not the reason Fernando is still in F1.

However Alonso’s previous team-mate Felipe Massa has given his two cents on the situation and has counteracted the flames by asserting that the Spaniard would not walk away mid-way at least. His reasoning being that Alonso has a huge contract with McLaren-Honda and leaving mid-way will mean he won’t be able to do anything until next year adding that he doesn’t believe that Alonso would stop mid-way.

However he did end his statement by adding “anything is possible”.

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