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Massa Concerned about a ‘Verstappen Effect’ among Young Drivers

Massa Concerned about a ‘Verstappen Effect’ among Young Drivers

Former F1 driver Felipe Massa believes that the precedent set by Max Verstappen means that young drivers are moving up racing categories too quickly.

Verstappen made his debut at the age of 17 and has spent just one season racing single-seater cars.

Massa said that the speed with which Verstappen arrived in F1 is leading young drivers to try and emulate his career choices.

“We see that so many drivers now the mentality is they need to go as quick as they can to open wheels, which is wrong in the end,” said Massa. “I think you need to go when you’re ready.”

“You need to move the categories when you are 100% ready to be in terms of experience. I think [in] karting we see so many drivers are 14 or 15 years old and already thinking about single-seater.

Retired Formula 1 driver, Felipe Massa

“I think we need to also show to the drivers, even to the fathers, that you have the right time to do it. Max Verstappen changed a little bit the mentality of so many fathers starting in Formula One at 17 years old.”

According to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, Verstappen’s various incidents is because he “arrived in F1 very quickly”. Massa says that drivers who time their movement correctly will ultimately benefit in the long term.

“You need to prepare yourself [to move] at the right time because then for sure when you move categories you’re going to be a lot more prepared to win straight away,” said Massa. “The possibilities to get as quick as you can into Formula One [come] when you move categories [and] you are competitive straight away.”

“With the KZ, the engine with the gearshift, when I drive this I think it’s the most similar sensation – in terms of the feeling of the driver – of reaction, of speed, even G-force and braking compared to Formula One.”

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