Match Fixing now infiltrates Badminton

CWG Day 6 Badminton match.
CWG Day 6 Badminton match.

Would we ever want to watch a pre-decided match?

Match Fixing is the new trending art of making money for the players, gamblers, coaches, teams and the never ending list goes on. Just for the sake of a few more printed bundles, the players are ready to keep their as well as nation’s respect at stake.

The corruption of this sort is not new to us; started an era back, it is following us since then, spreading its reach to other games as well. To the long list consisting football, athletics or cricket badminton too has been added.

“Money is growing in the games which is a positive thing in many ways, but of course money also attracts other interests like match fixing” stated a new targeted player Hans Kristian Vittinghus, ranked 11 in Men’s single by BWF worldwide, who had been contacted via Facebook recently by a man he had met at previous tournaments to throw matches at Japan Open. He also claimed to have fixed matches at last year’s Singapore Open and Thomas Cup. Also Dane and double specialist, Kim Astrup, were offered 2,500 to 3,000 euros to throw matches as well as the chance to bet on the outcomes. Both the players declined the offer and reported the same to BWF.

No sport is immune to this misconduct, so every matter should be taken seriously. Each person involved in such act must be charged heavily to set an example.

edited by Bhavna Rachuri


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