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Ferrari in 2019 v Ferrari in Schumi’s Era! Are These Two Similar? Yes, Says Binotto

Ferrari in 2019 v Ferrari in Schumi’s Era! Are These Two Similar? Yes, Says Binotto


Three things can never ever fail to generate a response from the F1 world. First, Sebastian Vettel. Second, Ferrari’s 2019 season. And third, the way the Prancing Horse was back in the day during the Schumacher-era. Isn’t it?

For a team that’s failed to win a single race, in a fashion that was hitherto unseen and pretty unexpected, one doesn’t quite know whether Ferrari are even going to clinch a race win? This is unless Mercedes happen to fail in the coming races or someone like a Verstappen picks up a win.

That said. Here’s a question.

Are Ferrari, the way they are performing in the top-echelons of racing at this point in time, similar to the Michael Schumacher era?

Well, most would state a resounding no to that one. Some of us may even agree. But it doesn’t matter, really for their team principal, Mattia Binotto certainly seems to have a point of view that may interest one and all.

In a recent interaction with the media, the bespectacled team principal drew a comparison between the current unit as seen in 2019 and the one that enthralled legions of fans back in the day when a certain Michael Schumacher had established an era of sorts.

As a matter of fact, if one were to divide the Grand Prix battles during the course of the year into three parts, including the pre-testing stage, the qualifying battles before the big race-day and the race itself, then a thing can be said for certain.

It won’t make you a Brundle or Croft to understand that the only area where Ferrari have excelled, thus far, is the pre-testing stage. The remainder of the battles have quite comprehensively been clinched by the Silver Arrows.

To that end, Binotto, who made a point regarding from the halcyon days of the Prancing Horse, seems to have made a statement that’s worth debating.

Referring to the halcyon days of the Italian team with Schumacher at the helm, the mild-mannered team principal shared, “I prefer the comparison with the 1996/1997 Ferrari, a growing team, with solid foundations,” Binotto told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “We too are a young team in the roles. And there is so much hunger. I see many similarities with them.”

Back in 1996, Schumacher would only clinch one race win while Villeneuve, his closest-rival would win 7 and with it, the world title.

And that said, one wonders, whether in lines with the above, was Binotto referring to the fact that maybe 2020 will be Ferrari’s year, with Charles coming up to speed already?

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