Mattia Binotto Shares French GP Venue Not Suited For Ferrari. What The Heck!

June 19, 2019 11:44 pm

Perhaps there’s nothing more than a Ferrari fan would want this weekend other than that of a victory this weekend. With seven races done and therefore, seven failed attempts at opening the champagne from the top step of the podium, Ferrari are both desperate and keen to revive a fledgling campaign.

At the 2019 French Grand Prix, a venue that had disappeared into some sort of wilderness offers the mouth-watering prospect to witness yet another occasion where the might of Mercedes may finally get challenged by the Prancing Horse.

And right here, in this debatable theory rests the perplexing question. Can Ferrari salvage some pride and finally get underway this season? Can Ferrari bounce back at France to set a winning tempo to the 2019 season, despite having been thrashed by Mercedes?

That said, team principal Mattia Binotto- one of the calmest minds and smarted personalities in the current season- happened to share a few points. And truth be told, the bespectacled team principal, someone who’s been ever encouraging of his drivers- Vettel and Leclerc– shared a point that may not exactly bring much of a relief to those admirers who’ve been rooting for the resurgence of the Italian stable.

Apparently, Binotto is of the view that the Circuit Paul Ricard, home to the French Grand Prix isn’t really suited for Ferrari’s design and aerodynamic structure. In fact, he also offered his concerns about whether Ferrari even stand a realistic chance of winning the contest.

So what exactly were his views and what have triggered those doubts for the Switzerland-born team principal?

“We expect another tough fight in France,” Wolff said. “The circuit features some similarities to Montreal and the long straights will present a challenge for us.

“However, unlike Canada, the corner characteristics are spread across a range of speeds, which should play to our advantage. We’re looking forward to the chance to put a few things right again.”

Furthermore, he would add, ” we will have a few small evolutions, elements that represent for us a useful step in defining the direction we will take in developing the car.”

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