Max Verstappen Abuses Lance Stroll for Ruining his Lap

Max Verstappen

During the Spanish GP FP3, there was an incident between Max Verstappen and yet another pink coloured car. This time it was the Racing Point of Lance Stroll, who got on Verstappen’s nerves. Apparently, Stroll made a mistake in the left-right-left sequence of corners in the closing stage of the lap.

However, the Racing Point failed to see Verstappen’s Red Bull approaching from behind. Fortunately, there was no harm done between the two and both drivers carried on. However, Max Verstappen was furious at getting baulked while on a quick lap.

Afterwards, when Verstappen was on his slowing down lap, Stroll was on a quick lap. The team then informed Max Verstappen that Stroll was starting his flying lap. The Dutchman then furiously declared that if he could mess up his lap, he could jolly well mess up Stroll’s lap.