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Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc Reveal their Hopes for Formula One: Drive to Survive

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc Reveal their Hopes for Formula One: Drive to Survive

Earlier this year, Formula One and Netflix teamed up to release, ‘Formula One: Drive to Survive’. Now, season 2 of the series, which will explore the 2019 season will release sometime next year. However, there has been no fixed release date yet, but it is safe to say that all the drivers are excited. During the Thursday press conference, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Kevin Magnussen were asked about what they would like to see.

Max Verstappen admitted that if he was the director of Drive to Survive, he would add the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim. He elaborated further, “I think they were following Mercedes closely in Hockenheim? I would like to see that episode. It’s a bit of fun, right? I mean, they can laugh about it as well: they still won the Championship, so a bit of drama involved in the series is good. If I would be the director – because you have to create the hits.”

Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc said, “I would not choose the last race but probably the Monza victory is the one I would like to see on the documentary.”

Admittedly, Monza was one of Leclerc’s finer moments, winning in front of the adoring tifosi.

However, Kevin Magnussen chose to play coy on the subject, and simply said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what… I have a thing in mind but we’ll see if it’s made it into it. It’s a surprise. Watching the next Netflix season two and you’ll find out.”

He also confessed that Haas F1’s season in particular, was not really worth writing home about. Now, all three drivers, and the rest of the Formula One grid will be looking ahead to finishing off the final race of the season in style. For Robert Kubica and Nico Hulkenberg, it will be their final races in Formula One.

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