Max Verstappen: Best Overtakes from the Red Bull Racing F1 Star

December 20, 2017 2:09 pm

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has a number of accolades under his belt. Being the youngest F1 winner is one of them. He has tasted podium success on multiple occasions in 2016 and a few moments of success in 2017. Now that he has proven he can compete head on with the best, the next few years will no doubt be interesting to see. The Dutchman, who is celebrating his 22nd birthday, is known for his aggressiveness on the track. That has produced some wonderful overtaking manoeuvres in nearly 5 seasons. We take a look at 5 of Max Verstappen’s best overtakes.

Max Verstappen’s best overtakes

5. Max Verstappen vs Daniel Riccardo – Malaysian Grand Prix 2015

Verstappen passing Ricciardo

In just his second race in Formula One, Max had a clash with his eventual teammate at Red Bull Racing. In the Torro Rosso, he made a move from the outside as they entered a hairpin, matching the movement of Daniel. It put him on the inside line for the next turn, where he made the move stick, passing the car of the senior Red Bull team. He would finish 7th in the race, and become the youngest point scorer in Formula One history. This is classified as one of Max Verstappen’s best overtakes this was how he announced himself to the world.

4. Max Verstappen vs Sergio Perez – Chinese Grand Prix 2015


Verstappen and Perez driving side by side

Following Perez, Max cut into the inside as they headed into the hairpin. He would go around the inside, and come out marginally ahead of Perez. Despite having a car that’s underpowered to the Mercedes driven Force India, he would power ahead over the next couple of turns, showing his amazing skills in over taking cars that are significantly faster than his own.

3. Max Verstappen vs Kimi Raikkonen – Grand Prix of the Americas, 2017

At the Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas, Max Verstappen was hounding Kimi Raikkonen for 3rd place. On the last lap, the Red Bull driver struck and squeezed past Raikkonen’s Ferrari to take 3rd behind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

However, it later transpired that he had cut the corner while overtaking, so was slapped with a 5-second penalty, promoting the veteran Finn back to the podium.

3. Max Verstappen vs Nico Rosberg – British Grand Prix, 2016

Starting in wet conditions, Max Verstappen made a surprise move on Nico Rosberg. The German was struggling on his intermediate tyres. Sensing the opportunity, he closed the gap. When he saw, he made a move on Nico. The section was not known for its over takes, yet he made a clean move and let it stick. Nico would attempt to try and get back but would not be able to, much to the delight of the crowd.

In the end, Max would finish 3rd (but get promoted to 2nd) and step onto the podium of the British Grand Prix for the first time in his career.

1. Max Verstappen vs Felipe Nasr – Belgian Grand Prix 2015

The overtake move of the 2015 season.  Max’s move on Felipe Nasr through the outside line on the Blanchimont corner just before the couple of chicanes that end the lap. Trailing Nasr, he would enter the Blanchimont and go side by side with the Sauber on the outside. He just stayed within track limits. This set him up brilliantly for the series of chicanes of turns 19 and 20, allowing him to pass the Sauber.

The move won him the best overtake of the year of 2015, and was praised by many from the F1 world. This is why it is one of Max Verstappen’s best overtakes ever.

Bonus: Max Verstappen Dances Round Rosberg’s Outside – Brazil 2016

The 2016 Brazilian GP was a very very damp affair. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg locked out the front row with Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen on the 2nd row. As the lights went out, Hamilton lead the way from Rosberg. However, all eyes were on the 2nd row as Verstappen easily dispatched Kimi Raikkonen. After exiting the Senna S corner, Hamilton got away easily but Rosberg was under attack from Verstappen. The Flying Dutchman lined up behind the German and performed a rain dance around the outside to grab P2.

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