Max Verstappen: Breaking Records in the Off Season


Max Verstappen has set the world alight in the last few years since his rise up the Formula 1 ranks. Everyone knew that he was naturally one of the fastest drivers out there. But recently, on a simulator game, he proved that he was just as fast online.

The Dutchman was using a well-known game called iRacing. This game normally uses different game mods, which include Formula One. However, Verstappen elected to use the Dallara F3 car at the Charlotte Roval. His lap was absolutely mind-blowing and he went on to set a world record time. The lap time was 1.04:436 and it looked sublime, have a watch here!

Simulator work is just standard procedure for an F1 driver and every Formula One team has one. The main purpose is for drivers to either learn about a circuit or to test any new upgrades. On the subject of Verstappen and simulators, here is a video of Verstappen doing sim work of the Australian GP.

Also, with the release of F1 2018 last year, there were plenty of new features in the game. So, Verstappen again chose to test the waters and did a lap of the Silverstone circuit