Max Verstappen Challenges Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz to a FIFA Duel After Threats of Washout Remain at Japanese GP

There is a very real threat that the Japanese Grand Prix 2019 may not take place, with Mother Nature around. As it turns out, Typhoon Hagibis is inching dangerously close to the eastern coastline of Japan. If that happens, all track activity on Saturday could be halted when heavy rain and strong winds lash the Suzuka Circuit. But Max Verstappen has his Saturday sorted.

In other words, qualifying would likely be postponed until Sunday morning. Meanwhile the final practice session would almost certainly be abandoned altogether. In light of this, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris are not planning to stay idle. In fact, their plans include a series of FIFA 20 games!

“More FIFA?” Sainz asked Verstappen during the Thursday drivers’ press conference.

“Yeah, I brought it here if you want to have a game on Saturday. If you’re ready to lose.”

Unimpressed by the trash talk, Sainz simply responded, “Hmmm… we will see.”

Verstappen and Sainz will also be joined by Lando Norris and he promised to livestream it. Meanwhile, Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has a different set of plans, namely sleeping in after a night out on the town.

“Come Friday, they should make a decision and not wait until Saturday,” Ricciardo said. “If [Saturday is called off], sake bombs on Friday night and a sleep in on Saturday. I don’t even like sake!”

On the other hand, Championship leader Lewis Hamilton revealed to the media, that he recently had some karaoke sessions. However, he doesn’t plan on doing it on Saturday, even if the session is cancelled.

“I can’t drink on the weekends when I’m racing and I usually have a few drinks before the style comes out,” Hamilton confessed. “But Journey is my song. I get the air guitar out.”

While the drivers are talking about relaxing, the FIA, Formula One, Suzuka Circuit and the Japanese Automobile Federation will be doing anything but that. Instead, all their eyes will be monitoring the progress of Typhoon Hagibis, before an official decision is made with regard to an adjusted track schedule.

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Dhruv George