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Max Verstappen Forgives Charles LeClerc for Austria Clash

Max Verstappen Forgives Charles LeClerc for Austria Clash

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc collided while battling for the Austrian GP lead. However, the Dutchman is convinced that it is all water under the bridge between himself and Charles Leclerc. According to Max Verstappen they were already “good” following the stewards’ meeting.

Sadly for Leclerc, the opportunity to seize a maiden Formula One triumph slipped from his fingers. LeClerc had been leading majority of the race from pole, until Verstappen overtook three laps from the finish.

Admittedly, the pass was not very clean, with Leclerc getting a nice biff when Verstappen dove down the inside at Turn 3.

Afterwards, the race stewards investigated the incident and declared it a racing incident. As a result, Max Verstappen held onto the win and Leclerc was forced to settle for second.

Naturally, the Monegasque driver would be gutted to miss out on a well-deserved victory. However, Max Verstappen is confident that there will not be any bad blood lingering between them.

Max Verstappen was the irst to break the Mercedes streak

Speaking to AFP, Max Verstappen said, “We’re good, we’re good. Already after the stewards we were good.”

“We are racing drivers and I have known Charles a long time and he, for sure, will this year take his first victory as well.

“You have to accept it, of course, and it’s disappointing to lose your first victory in the last few laps. I’ve lost out on pole positions, which were very painful”

“Those things happen in sport and, like I said, Charles is a great driver.”

“He will come far… I think we have another 15-20 years’ racing together.”

The next race will be the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, so it remains to be seen if or when LeClerc will take his maiden win. Even his teammate, Sebastian Vettel is also seeking his first win of the 2019 season.

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