The 2019 Star Of The Year So Far is Max Verstappen, Not Hamilton: Jolyon Palmer

May 14, 2019 11:50 pm

28-year-old British racing driver Jolyon Palmer who formerly drove in F1 with the Renault team has shared that the star driver of the year so far is Max Verstappen and not Lewis Hamilton.

For those among us who may not have noted, Jolyon Palmer, who was last seen as an active F1 driver in the year 2017 has since then moved on to analysis on the sport with the ever-venerable BBC.

This was interestingly the year where Max Verstappen, who has been rated highly by Palmer stood sixth on the Driver Standings, having scored a total of 168 points in the year, trailing the “big-five” if one may put it that way, including Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, and Ricciardo.

But more on what Jolyon Palmer had to say about Max Verstappen now.

Speaking his mind on the current grid and how the season has unfolded thus far, the English driver happened to imply that Max Verstappen’s driving, as seen from the five races echoes a level of consistency that is worthy of admiration and respect.

In fact, if one were to take a glance of the 2019 Constructor standings at this time, then it’s worthwhile to note that it’s the Flying Dutchman Max Verstappen who happens to be third at present and not Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who recently bagged two consecutive podiums as seen at China and Azerbaijan.


In fact, right from the start of the 2019 F1 season, one has seen Max Verstappen show consistency and pace from the word go. At the season-opening contest at Australia’s Melbourne Park, the Dutch driver gathered a well-fought podium, a strong P3.

From that point in time, he would gather a hat-trick of fourth-placed finishes at the Grands Prix of Bahrain, China, and Baku, which would be later followed up by an impressive third at Spain, as seen recently.

Where Red Bull stands at this point, there’s hardly a doubt about the fact that it’s much largely due to the heroic efforts of its maverick driver, someone who’s done the bulk of the scoring for the Christian Horner-led side. Palmer was, therefore, somewhere correct when he hailed Max for displaying a superior effort- so far- as one knows clearly that from the very beginning the goal of his outfit has been to cut down the gap to the frontrunners- Mercedes and Ferrari- with them having a car that’s perhaps not the ideal weapon for a win or two this season.

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