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Max Verstappen Hoping to Replicate Sebastian Vettel and Bring Red Bull F1 to Domination

Max Verstappen Hoping to Replicate Sebastian Vettel and Bring Red Bull F1 to Domination

Earlier this month, Red Bull tightened their grip on Max Verstappen with a new contract. To repay them, Verstappen wishes to return to the Red Bull domination era.

Initially, the Dutchman held the key to the 2021 driver market, and once Red Bull re-signed him, Mercedes responded witha contract to Lewis Hamilton.

With Scuderia Ferrari admitting that they may be in for a tough season, Red Bull have emerged as a threat. With the Honda power constantly improving, Max Verstappen is on a mission to finally bring Mercedes’ six-year reign to an end.

“It’s just very nice to be in the team, it is really enjoyable, a lot of fun, which I think is also important in the team,” he told Motorsport.com, “Everybody gets along very well with each other and we all want to win, we have the winners’ mentality.”

He revealed that the team is highly motivated to bring back the glory days of the 2010-2013 era. The team enjoyed a hugely successfull run with Sebastian Vettel in those days. Verstappen is sure that he will be the one to usher in the new era of Red Bull.

With the 2020 season not far away, many expect the Holy Trinity of F1, Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, to duke it out for the F1 title.

How did Red Bull and Max Verstappen perform in 2019?

Last year, Red Bull had massive expectations from their new-found partnership with Honda. Sadly, the Austrian team fell way short their prediction of five wins. However, advisor Helmut Marko is confident that the team can exceed it this season.

Speaking to F1i.com, he attributed their inability to win, to “a few unfortunate situations and collisions,”. However, he also acknowledged that the team too shared some of the blame, namely late development of the car.

Despite their hiccups, Marko is confident that the 2020 season will be a different story. The question is, can they break the Mercedes dominance and begin a new reign?

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