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Max Verstappen Names Potential Threats to Him in the Future

Max Verstappen Names Potential Threats to Him in the Future

Red Bull

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has finally achieved his dream of reaching Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport. What has made him even more stoked is the fact that his former karting rival Charles Leclerc has also reached the sport as well. However, the Dutch driver believes that in the future, there is scope for more rivals to crop up.

The 2019 season, has given fans a glimpse of the future stars in F1 when Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc duelled it out at the British Grand Prix.

The 21-year old drivers were rivals back in their younger days prior to reaching F1. Max Verstappen has admitted that their rivalry isn’t as fierce now, but he still eagerly anticipates future battles with the Ferrari star.

“We race each other really hard, and of course we had our moments in karting,” the Dutchman revealed to Autosport.

“But I think you all grow over that, and we are both in Formula 1 now, we are both living the dream.

“We are both racing where we wanted to be, and when we were in go-karting that was our dream. If you can be there together it’s of course amazing, and I have a lot of respect for Charles.”

Charles Leclerc
LeClerc vs Verstappen

Interestingly, Max Verstappen is of the opinion that that fight won’t simply be between himself and Leclerc. Instead, he name-dropped the likes of Lando NorrisGeorge Russell, and Alex Albon as potential future rivals.

“He is a great driver, but I’m not expecting to only fight him,” Verstappen revealed. “There are more young talents like Lando [Norris], potentially George [Russell], maybe Alex Albon.

“A lot of young talents now are coming in and if they have the right car they can do a great job as well.”

For now though, he will be focusing on finishing as high as possible in the 2019 season and look forward to 2020.

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