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Max Verstappen Spent a Late Night Gaming with Lando Norris After Hungarian GP

Max Verstappen Spent a Late Night Gaming with Lando Norris After Hungarian GP

Max Verstappen was terribly disappointed when he lost the Hungarian GP win to Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver swept past him just a few short kilometres from the chequered flag. After the race, the Red Bull leader promptly returned to his Monaco home and hopped into his simulator with McLaren’s Lando Norris.

The duo are often found streaming virtual races on streaming platform Twitch. Both Lando Norris and Max Verstappen often compete in endurance events on non-race weekends in F1.

“Lando came home late, then we immediately went online. I only went to sleep at four,” Verstappen admitted to De Telegraaf.

Verstappen and Norris often stream games online

“It is not that after a Grand Prix I am completely full of adrenaline. That will come just before a race, of course, but will be gone soon afterwards.”

“It is just a relaxed activity. And that way I could still win a race somewhere on that day!”

Verstappen says his passion for virtual racing may have been sparked by his youth when he and his former F1 racer father Jos would often take to the track after official events.

“I can still remember it from my time in karts,” he said. “Back then I had a busy racing weekend, but then we still went indoor or rental karting in the evening. Just to be a little crazy.

“That is no different now with sim-racing. Certainly in the training you can also play around and fight with each other. In Formula 1, the differences in cars are of course greater than there.”

One time, during a streaming session, the Dutchman and the Briton trolled Scuderia Ferrari’s strategy. Another time, they even took potshots at rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Especially with regard to their post-race celebrations, where Norris and Verstappen mimicked the two.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen
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