Max Verstappen Unveils a Lion Themed Helmet for the 2020 F1 Season

To herald a new Formula One season, Max Verstappen decided to unveil a brand new helmet. The Aston Martin Red Bull team posted a video of Verstappen doing a walk-through of the new lid for the 2020 season. Verstappen noted that the most important change was a new sponsor, namely CarNext.

What did Max Verstappen say about the helmet?

The CarNext logo was then shown emblazoned on the side and the front of the helmet. He confessed that he liked the original design, with a white base, so he opted to  go for a little more white. The Dutchman continued, saying that there was also a little more gold added to the helmet to highlight it further.

Max Verstappen then spoke about the top of the helmet, where the lion was now highlighted in gold. Last year, the lion was red, with gold accents, but this time, it is the other way round.

The rest of the lid largely remains the same, except for the gold colour, and the helmet as a whole is a ‘fresh look’. The 23-year old noted that with the HALO, the helmet is meant to stick out even more than usual.

Meanwhile, the Red Bull team recently launched their 2020 challenger, the RB16. Admittedly, the car appears to be the same, from a physical point of view. However, we can be sure that the RB16 has a number of changes, technically speaking, especially with Adrian Newey’s technical genius.

Last year, the Honda-powered Red Bull stormed to three wins and a handful of podiums. This year though, the Austrian outfit will be aiming to build on it and make Mercedes sweat. Max Verstappen will be leading the Red Bull charge once again, but he will be joined by Alexander Albon this time. The Thai driver is on the hunt for a maiden podium, after Lewis Hamilton denied him in Brazil 2019.

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Dhruv George